About the Program


Dear Friends,

We are excited to introduce our upcoming webinar: Complex Cases Conquered in Oculoplasty scheduled on the 20th and 21st March 2021. The theme of this unique webinar will be in-depth discussion on complicated and difficult-to-manage cases. Presenters will be prominent young and energetic national and international faculty hailing from practice and institutes alike. To discuss the dos and don'ts of these cases we have for you, the cream of international oculoplasty faculty known for their astute surgical acumen and fantastic orations. This webinar will have different sessions dealing with orbital inflammations and vascular malformations, orbital infections, orbital trauma, aesthetic oculoplastic surgeries, socket surgeries and eyelid reconstructions. The webinar will also feature a state-of-the-art didactic session covering endoscopic orbital approaches and 3D printing in orbital surgery. This webinar will benefit accomplished oculoplasty surgeons to further their skills, so also the budding and fresher surgeons to get a taste of the wide variety of scenarios that this field has to offer.

Looking forward to welcoming you all for this exclusive oculoplasty webinar where "the best in the world at what they do" will be coming on screen near you!
Happy learning
Tarjani Dave