Binocular vision and Orthoptics workshop

First of its kind 'Binocular vision and Orthoptics' workshop was organized at LVPEI's Visakhapatnam campus on 2 September 2018 for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, especially pediatric ophthalmology faculty and fellows. The main objective was to develop a common understanding about the conditions pertaining to binocular vision and orthoptics among the participants. The workshop was attended by a 65 participants from across the network, both in person and through video-conferencing. The specific learning objectives were:

  1. Perform good refraction
  2. Understand concepts of binocular vision (BV)
  3. Understand prisms and be able to prescribe prisms
  4. Understand current concepts of amblyopia - anti-suppression therapy
  5. Understand protocol for treating accommodative spasm


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