Basic Research

Basic Research - KAR & MTC Campus

KAR Campus
S. No. Title Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration
1Clinical utility of Extracellular Vesicles as a miRNA delivery carrier for the treatment of Mutidrug Resistant EndophthalmitisIndian Council of Medical Research Dr Joveeta Joseph 2024-2027
2DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance early career fellowship : Effect of maternal diabetes during pregnancy on placental epigenetics and its association with retinal development and risk of retinopathy in infants DBT- India Alliance-Early Career Fellowship Dr Aatish Mahajan2024-2029
3 Ramalingaswami re entry Fellowship :Biological and molecular understanding of chemotherapy resistance and metastasis in Retinoblastoma Department of Biotechnology Dr Pallavi Rani 2024-2027
4 Exploring potential interplay of tear cytokine levels and confocal biomicroscopy in progressive keratoconus for better clinical diagnosis Science and Engineering Research BoardDr Rashmi Deshmukh 2024-2027
5 New therapeutic approach for corneal dystrophy via CRISPR mediated SLC4A11 gene correction in an in-vitro and in-vivo system using advanced cRGD decorated lipo-polymeric nanoplexes Science and Engineering Research Board Dr Muralidhara Ramappa 2024-2027
6 Development of intraocular implant providing controlled and localized combination drug therapy- towards efficacious treatment of diabetic retinopathyIndian Council of Medical ResearchDr Inderjeet Kaur 2023-2026
7Artificial Intelligence enabled referral pathways for early diagnosis of complications arising from diabetes: application to diabetic retinopathy Indian Council of Medical ResearchDr Padmaja K Rani2024-2027
8J C Bose Fellowship Science and Engineering Research BoardDr Mohammad Javed Ali2024-2029
9Preclinical development of long acting subconjuncyival steriod sparing agent to treat posterior uveitisIndian Council of Medical Research- DHRDr Soumyava Basu 2023-2026
10Therapeutic and immunomodulatoryeffects of human limbus-derivedmesenchymal stem cells in a rat model ofallergic conjunctivitisIndian Council of Medical Research-DHRDr Pragnya Rao 2023-2026
11Understanding optical and neural limitations to visual performance in keratoconusFulbright-Nehru FellowshipsDr Shrikant Bharadwaj 2023-2024
12 Baby Vision Screener (BaViS): A device to screen visual cognitive milestones in early childhoodIndian Council of Medical ResearchDr PremNandhini Satgunam 2023-2025
13 Exploring variation in humans ability to free -fuse targets for cyclopean visual experienceDepartment of Science and Technlogy Dr Shrikant Bharadwaj 2023-2026
14 In Vitro " Proof of Concept" study of effects of Plazomicin on Islotes from Bacterial Keratitis and /or ConjuctivitisCIPLADr Joveet Joseph2023-2025
15 Cell-based therapy for lacrimal gland regeneration and repair in a preclinical animal model of aqueous deficiency dry eye disease DBT- India Alliance-Early Career Dr Swati Singh 2023-2028
16Rational design and structure-function analysis of antimicrobial peptides tailored to treat fungal ocular infectionsVelux Stiftung Foundation-Switerland Dr Sanhita Roy2023-2026
17Role of TRP ion channels in regulating corneal endothelial response to increased intraocular pressureScience and Engineering Research BoardDr Charanya Ramachandran 2023-2026
18Understanding the role of gasdermin D in the pathogenesis of mucormycosisScience and Engineering Research BoardDr Sanhita Roy 2023-2026
19System level meta-analysis of Type 2 Diabetes to identify key regulatorIndian Council of Medical Research Dr Alok Kumar Srivastava 2023-2024
20Investigating a crystiInvestigating a-crystallin-particulate matter interactions to assess the impact of air pollution on ocular protein homeostasisIndian Council of Medical Research-DHRDr Inderjeet Kaur 2023-2026
21 Identification of diagnostic biomarkers in vitreous/ aqueous fluid of ocular tuberculosis patients. Indian Council of Medical ResearchDr Himanshu Behera 2023-2026
22 Preclinical and phase 0/1 clinical investigation of minimally invasive microneedle patch for effective chemotherapy in Retinoblastoma Indian Council of Medical Research Dr Vishal R Raval 2023-2026
23 Investigating the potential cross talk between mitochondrial and nuclear gene in primary open angle glaucoma Indian Council of Medical ResearchDr Subhabrata Chakrabarti 2023-2026
24 Role of TET family proteins in Retinoblastoma Indian Council of Medical Research Dr Mamatha Reddy2023-2026
25 Setting up pathogen surveillance systems beyond SARS-CoV2 Rockefeller FoundationDr Bhupesh Bagga 2023-2025
26 Generation and evaluation of universal donor stem cells for applications in allogenic cell therapy for retinal dystrophic conditions Indian Council of Medical ResearchDr Indumathi Mariappan 2022-2025
27Therapeutic potential of decellularized cornea matrix (DCM) hydrogel for corneal scars and stromal replacement in trauma conditions: Pre-clinical study Indian Council of Medical Research-DHRDr Vivek Singh2022-2025
28Harnessing polymicrobial interactions to tackle antimicrobial resistance: an ex-vivo study in human cornea model Science and Engineering Research BoardDr Sanchita Mitra 2022-2024
29 Phase I/II Multicenter Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Severe Ocular Surface Chemical injury - University of Illinois- Chicago University of IllinoisDr Sayan Basu 2022-2025
30An Evaulation of the effectivness of contact lenses utilising S.T.O.P technology in slowing dowm myopia progression Brighten Optix Coporation Dr Pavan K. Verkicharla2022-2024
31 Biomimetic hydrogel for the treatment of blinding corneal diseasesSREE Padmavathi Foundation Dr Sayan Basu 2022-2025
32 Ophthalmic Carl Camras Translational Research PFIZER Dr Prem Nandhini Satgunam 2022-2024
33 Immunomodulation as an adjuctive therapy for the treatment in fungal endophthalmitis Indian Council of Medical ResearchDr Joveeta Joseph 2022-2025
34 Adult Mesenchymal stem cells as adjuctive therapy for bacterial keratitis: A novel approach to treat corneal infectionsIndian Council of Medical ResearchDr Sachin Shukla 2022-2025
35Elucidating the molecular mechanisms and biomarkers associated with progression and prognosis of retinoblastoma Science and Engineering Research BoardDr Swathi Kaliki2022-2025
36 Understanding the role of RD3 gene in retinal development and disease Science and Engineering Research BoardDr Indumathi Mariappan2022-2025
37Corneal Characterization under biaxial loading in physiological conditions Science and Engineering Research BoardDr Sayan Basu2023-2026
38 Evaluating the potential role of ocular bacterial microbiome and the lysophospholipid composition of tears in mitigating meibomian gland dysfunction in dry eyes Science and Engineering Research BoardDr Arunasri Kotakonda 2021-2024
39Host antimicrobial peptide S100A12 and S100A12 derived short peptides inhibit infections during Fusarium Solani Keratities Science and Engineering Research BoardDr Sanhita Roy2021-2024
40 Impact of Urban Air Pollution on ocular surface microbiome changes and its effect on dry eye diseaseIndian Council of Medical ResearchDr Arunasri Kotakonda2021-2024
41 Delineating of role of MYBL1 and MYBL2 in Retinoblastoma tumor cell growth and proliferation Indian Council of Medical ResearchDr Mamatha Reddy2021-2024
42Efficacy of SEED’s novel anti-myopia contact lens (daily disposable) in controlling myopia progression – Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial SEEDDr Pavan K. Verkicharla2021-2025
43 From infection to autoimmunity in an immune privileged organ: a case study in tuberculosis of the eye DBT India Alliance - Intermediate Fellowship Dr Soumyava Basu2019-2024
44 A holistic approach to understand the role of light exposure in prevention of myopiaDST -INSPIREDr Pavan K. Verkicharla2019-2024
45 Improving Corneal Healing Via Modulation of TissuesNew castle University:Ulverscroft FoundationDr Sayan Basu2019-2024
46Centre for Health Outcomes Research and Economics (IHOPE)DBT India Alliance - CRC Dr Raja Narayanan2020-2025
47 Centre for Health Outcomes Research and Economics (IHOPE) DBT India Alliance- CRTP Dr Raja Narayanan2020-2025
48Vision loss, disability, and multimorbidity among the elderly population in Telangana, India - The Longitudinal Eye Health Aging and Disability Study (LEADS) DBT- India AllianceDr Marmamula Srinivas2023-2028