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Eye Bank

Recognized as one of the top centres of Excellence in Eye Banking by SightLife
Donor Corneas Harvested
Corneal Transplants Performed

The Ramayamma International Eye Bank (RIEB) is the largest provider of sight restoring corneas in India and a SightLife Center of Excellence in Eye Banking. Since its establishment in 1989, RIEB has greatly increased the collection of transplantable donor corneas and elevated eye banking performance standards in India and other parts of the developing world. As a leader in eye banking across south east Asia, RIEB has contributed significantly to the effective networking and proliferation of eye banks through promotion of community eye banking programs.


Eye Bank Network

Setting New Records

Ramayamma International Eye Bank achieved the milestone of collecting 1,19,000+ corneas since inception. Of these 69,900+ corneas were distributed for transplantation.

8530 Corneas Utilized

3133 corneas were distributed within the LVPEI network and 3958 were distributed to surgeons outside the network.
corneas were used for training and research.

MK Medium and AM processed in-house

Supplied to eye banks and surgeons within and outside India

18,463 vials of McCarey-Kaufman (MK) Medium, a cost-effective solution used for storage and preservation of donor corneas
2424 vials of Amniotic Membrane (AM) for ocular surface reconstructive surgery


I prefer to get the corneal tissues that I need for surgeries from LVPEI because of the high quality of these tissues. Additionally, LVPEI also does a thorough job at packaging, paper work and other logistic arrangements.

Dr Santosh Suman Cornea Eye Hospital, Vadodara