Mission And Vision

To create excellent and equitable Eye care systems that reach all those in need.

LVPEI Values Pentagon


The mission of L V Prasad Eye Institute is to be a centre of excellence in Eye care services, basic and clinical research into eye diseases and vision-threatening conditions, training, product development, and rehabilitation for those with incurable visual disability, with a focus on extending equitable and efficient Eye care to underserved populations in the developing world.


To create excellent and equitable Eye care systems that reach all those in need.


  • Put the needs of patients before our own
  • Treat every patient with empathy and respect
  • Offer appropriate assistance to patients and partner with them in making informed decisions about their care
  • Provide special attention to the vulnerable group of patients: children, elderly and people with disabilities or illness
  • Respect the confidentiality, safety and security of the patient


  • Set goals and strive to achieve the highest standards
  • Believe and practice punctuality
  • Hold ourselves accountable to patients, colleagues, supporters and subordinates
  • Demonstrate professionalism at all times
  • Strive for excellence through innovation, creativity, and spreading new knowledge


  • Greet with respect; listen before speaking
  • Discuss all possibilities, guide in decision making
  • Provide an equal opportunity to all employees
  • Provide an equal and enabling environment to all trainees


  • Demonstrate honesty, trust and mutual respect
  • Accept responsibility for actions and the resulting outcomes
  • Be consistently transparent, open and fair without prejudice in dealing with others
  • Follow through with one's commitment to safeguard confidentiality
  • Speak up when something appears wrong or inappropriate


  • Share knowledge, expertise, work and resources to deliver results
  • Help solve problems collaboratively and contribute to the effectiveness of the team
  • Value diversity and promote professionalism
  • Promote open and transparent communication
  • Empower others, share credit, and make work enjoyable for all in the team