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Children’s Eye Care Week at L V Prasad Eye Institute

Focus on ‘Cataract in Children’

Hyderabad, November 15, 2019: L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) is organizing Children’s Eye Care Week from November 11 to 17. This year the theme is “Cataract in Children”. Of the 2.2 billion people living with vision impairment or blindness, over one billion cases could have been prevented or are yet to be addressed. These billion people are not getting the care they need according to the first World report on vision issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). Initial treatment of childhood cataract is important to enhance vision in life and to minimize amblyopia (lazy eye development). As a part of the Eye Care Week, LVPEI is organizing an ‘Awareness Walk’ on Sunday, November 17. The Walk will be flagged off at 7am from LVPEI Banjara Hills.  

The growing level of cataract in children has become a matter of concern for the specialists. In India, studies have shown that cataract happens in one to fo...

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L V Prasad Eye Institute’s MyCyclothon to raise awareness on Myopia in Children

Brand Ambassador Sidhant Mohapatra unveils the MyCyclothon’s T-shirt design

Bhubaneswar, November 15, 2019: ‘MyCyclothon - better health, better sight’ is an initiative by L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), Bhubaneswar to raise awareness about Myopia (short-sightedness/near-sightedness) in children and to raise funds for providing free spectacles to underprivileged children who are in need of them. The cause-related-cycling event will be organized on 19 January 2020 and will be flagged from the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. Sidhant Mohapatra, an ardent cyclist-cum-actor-cum-politician is the Brand Ambassador for MyCyclothon. He unveiled the MyCylothon T-shirt Design today. 

Short-sightedness/near-sightedness where a person can see objects clearly close to the eye but has difficulty to see objects that are far from the eye is called Myopia. In younger children, myopia progresses more rapidly because their eyes are growing at a faster rate, thus maki...

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L V Prasad Eye Institute partners with Standard Chartered to improve eye care delivery

Launches Academy for Eye Care Education and Futuristic Vision Centres

Hyderabad, October 3, 2019: L V Prasad Eye Institute in partnership with Standard Chartered today launched two new programmes to improve eye care delivery - the “Standard Chartered-LVPEI Programme for Eye Care Education” and “Technology-Enabled Primary Eye Care Services”. 

With the evolution of technology and the changing eye care situation, there is a growing need to scale-up primary eye care services by leveraging technology. This need has led to the evolution of technology-enabled “Primary Eye care Vision Centre” or the ‘’Futuristic Vision Centre’’ model.  The model extends the scope of existing vision centres, an LVPEI innovation developed at LVPEI, and is intended to target detection of all chronic eye conditions that are currently beyond the realm of primary eye care. The proposed futuristic model is envisaged to bring about a paradigm shift in the way the eye care i...

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