Distinguished Chair


The Board of Trustees of LVPEI took a decision to recognize people who had made major contributions to the evolution of the Institute. Under the 'Distinguished Chair' program, Chairs were created in select areas and named after individuals who had played a significant role in the growth of a particular area in the Institute.

Dr Kallam Anji Reddy Distinguished Chair of Ophthalmology:

Instituted in the year 2004, this Chair is named after Dr Kallam Anji Reddy of Dr Reddy's Laboratories, one of the Institute's greatest supporters. Dr Reddy supported LVPEI’s activities in various ways, through his benevolent contributions towards the cause of eye care and in particular the various research projects undertaken at LVPEI. This chair is currently held by Dr Merle Fernandes, the current Director of the Kallam Anji Reddy campus of LVPEI.

Dr G Chandra Sekhar Distinguished Chair of Education:

Instituted in 2004, it is named after Dr G. Chandra Sekhar who has been with the institute from its inception. An astute clinician and popular teacher, his contributions to the Institute as the first Director of Education were recognized by instituting this Chair in his name. This Chair is currently held by Dr Avinash Pathengay, Director- Education.

Dr D Balasubramanian Distinguished Chair of Eye Research:

Instituted on the occasion of the Institute's Foundation Day in 2004, this is awarded to the Director of Research at LVPEI, and is named after Dr D Balasubramanian, the first Director of Research and an eminent scientist with a distinguished career of awards and achievements. Dr Sayan Basu is the current incumbent of the Dr D Balasubramanian Distinguished Chair of Eye Research.

Dr Paul Dubord Distinguished Chair of Cornea:

This was instituted in the Institute's Silver Jubilee Year and is named after the Institute's long-term friend and supporter, Dr Paul Dubord, cornea specialist, who has provided significant support for the development of eye banking and corneal transplantation at the Institute for over 20 years. Dr Paul Dubord worked with LVPEI through Eyesight International (ESI) which he founded in 1994, which is dedicated to eliminating blindness and bringing self-sustaining eye care to rural communities in the developing world. The current incumbent to this chair is Dr Prashant Garg.

Dr Virender Sangwan Chair of Ocular Regeneration:

To honour the phenomenal contribution made by Dr Virender Sangwan in the area of Ocular Regeneration at LVPEI, 'Dr Virender Sangwan Chair of Ocular Regeneration' was announced on 1st November 2018. Dr Sayan Basu, Director- Prof. Brien Holden Eye Research Centre and Centre for Ocular Regeneration (CORE) is the first incumbent to this chair.

Dr Taraprasad Das Chair of Ophthalmology:

Instituted on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of Bhubaneswar campus on 3rd July 2013, the chair was created in recognition of Dr Taraprasad Das’s many contributions towards the development of the Bhubaneswar campus. Dr Srikant Sahu, the Director of LVPEI Bhubaneswar, is the current incumbent of the Dr Taraprasad Das Chair of Ophthalmology.

Dr Savitri Sharma Chair of Ocular Microbiology:

To honour the significant contribution made by Dr Savitri Sharma, Director, Laboratory Services, LVPEI network, towards ocular microbiology services at LVPEI, Dr Savitri Sharma Chair of Ocular Microbiology was announced on the occasion of the 30th Foundation day of LVPEI on 17 October 2016. Dr Joveeta Joseph, Head- Jhaveri Microbiology Centre at LVPEI is the current incumbent of this chair.

Alumni Chair of Ophthalmology:

The 'Alumni Chair of Ophthalmology' was instituted during institute's silver jubilee year by the LVPEI Ophthalmology Alumni Group. This chair recognizes the ophthalmology faculty for their exceptional contributions to the advancement of ophthalmology. Dr Mohammad Javed Ali is the first incumbent of this chair, recognized for his distinguished contribution to the field of Dacryology.