Dr.Shahnawaz Kazi
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Dear Dr Subhadra Jalali,

It was indeed a great learning experience to be with you in your Saturday OT. I was greatly impressed by the kind of work you are doing and also the enthusiasm with which you are doing it. It goes without saying the kids whom you are treating will be blessed by some vision instead of having to remain blind. Also, the initiative to screen them before they develop these complications just indicates your passion for them. It was my first close encounter with you and has left me deeply impressed. 

Narayana Chandra

"I would like to thank all the Ophthalmologists in the Cataract and Cornea department for being very courteous and for the excellent treatment provided to my mother - Santha Thiyagarajan. Special note of thanks to Dr Rashmi Krishnamurthy for operating her for cataract in both eyes and also to Dr Jagadesh C Reddy for efficiently treating her corneal problem". 

Amarpreet Chhabra

Just want to thank and appreciate that all the staff at Sight Savers, especially Ms Sujata Mishra(Patient Care, LVPEI Hyderabad) is just a gem of a person with a smile on her face. Even at the time of rush, she does not lose her patience.

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