Vigilant parents and the timely treatment received, saves the baby’s vision

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Ramesh Babu and his wife, hailing from Vadlapudi village in Visakhapatnam, were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Their paediatrician recommended an eye check as the baby was born preterm. Their neighbour suggested LVPEI Visakhapatnam where the baby was diagnosed with Retinopathy of Prematurity and was given laser treatment by Dr Bhavik Panchal. The parents vigilantly brought the baby for all the required follow-up visits. “In the initial months my son was not opening his eyes. But now after the treatment, he is able to open his eyes and looks around. We are very happy with the treatment and specifically would like to thank Dr Panchal,” says the delighted father.  There could have been a permanent vision loss, if the baby was not treated in time. But thanks to his vigilant parents, the little bundle of joy can see the beautiful world around him now.

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