I trusted my doctor completely for the stem cell treatment I received

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Kristos Stavropoulos, from Los Angeles, California, had heard about the advanced cutting-edge stem cell therapy offered at LVPEI to treat severe complex eye problems. The corneal scar that he had developed due to an eye infection had affected his vision, and in the absence of appropriate treatment in his city, he came all the way to Hyderabad to consult Dr Sayan Basu. Extremely happy with the vision outcome after the stem cell transplant that he received, this is what he had to say, My experience at LVPEI has been exceptional. When you think of surgery, it's scary, especially with the eyes. But the great thing about this institute is the positivity that the doctors and the team have.  Most importantly I trusted Dr Sayan Basu and was assured about the success of the treatment that I was being provided. Thus far, 1600+ innovative stem cell based procedures have been performed at LVPEI, and patients from across India and the world have benefited from the life changing impact of these innovative procedures.

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