Happy to overcome such a fatal eye problem

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Sarwan Agrawal, an IT professional in Bangalore, was diagnosed with Uveitis. The doctors he consulted were able to treat his problem temporarily, but it would persist. The high dosage of steroids resulted in weight gain, affecting activity and forcing him to seek an early retirement. He relocated to Bhubanewar to be with his family, where he visited LVPEI. Dr Soumyava Basu diagnosed tuberculosis of the eye and immediately put him on appropriate treatment. Over the next 18 months, his condition stabilized to such an extent that he took up a new and challenging job in the United States. “It is still difficult for me to believe I have overcome a disease that could have been fatal,” says Sarwan. “The diagnosis of ocular TB is often delayed, and patients are treated with multiple courses of steroids for years together, which only causes greater damage to the eye. We are currently carrying out research to understand the mechanism of ocular TB better so that patients don't have to undergo a fate like Sarwan's,” concludes Dr Basu.

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