I will never forget the care that I received

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Patanchan Bi, 50, lives a life of dignity, earning her own livelihood by working as a house-help in Velampudi village, Vizianagaram District. But just a few months back, the scenario was completely different. Having no vision and abandoned by her children, she was begging for alms. One of her relatives took pity on her and brought her to LVPEI's Velampudi Vision Centre. Diagnosed with cataract, she was referred to the Visakhapatnam campus. Since she could not afford the cost of travel, leave alone surgery, an LVPEI shuttle van was arranged to take her to Visakhapatnam, and her surgery was performed at no cost to her. Overwhelmed with the care received, she could not contain her tears of gratitude when she visited the Vision Technician at the centre for a follow-up. “For me, this is no less than a rebirth, and I will never forget the care I received at LVPEI,” she says.

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