The eye patch and the glasses made all the difference

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Gandam Shashank feared interacting with his teachers and friends in school, and would sit in a corner, clinging to his schoolbag. Reading and writing was a challenge, and he would constantly rub his eyes. When probed by his parents, he revealed he was unable to see things clearly. They took him to LVPEI's secondary centre in Toodukurthy, Telangana where he was diagnosed with refractive error and lazy eye syndrome. He was prescribed glasses and was advised to alternatively patch his eyes for a few hours every day. He was examined by Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya during his periodic visit to Toodukurthy.

“He generally puts the patches on his eyes by himself and takes good care of his glasses. If by mistake we patch the wrong eye for him, he corrects us. He has been excelling in his studies now and recently stood first in his class,” shared the proud father.

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