Vision is no more an obstacle to earn her livelihood

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Kota Gowramma, 40, a vegetable vendor from Araku village in Visakhapatnam District, AP, is recently widowed, and is now the sole earner for herself and her son. Her blurring vision made her vulnerable to being deceived by her customers as she could not count money properly. The condition worsened towards lete evenings and nights. When her vision further deteriorated, she was forced to give up working altogether. Witnessing her struggle, fellow villagers advised her to visit LVPEI’s Vision Centre at Araku where she was diagnosed with cataract, referred to the tertiary centre in Visakhapatnam, and successfully operated at no cost to her. Within a month, her vision became better. “I was really worried about who would take care of us, but now I have resumed work and can once again support my family. I can’t thank the LVPEI team enough for the gift of vision that they have given me,” says Gowramma.

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