An improved surgical technique for treating primary congenital (by birth) Glaucoma

Dr Anil K Mandal has devised an improved surgical technique - Illuminated Microcatheter passage Assisted Circumferential Trabeculotomy and Trabeculectomy (IMPACTT)- for treating primary congenital (by birth) Glaucoma. It was performed on a four-month-old boy, and the surgical outcome has been excellent in both eyes. The advantage it has over the current treatment modality is that it creates a dual outflow pathway, ensuring better drainage of excess fluids from the eye and thus normalizing intraocular pressure with better visual outcome. This innovative surgical technique could be the next big step in managing advanced primary congenital glaucoma. However, further studies are required to determine its safety and effectiveness. The findings of this study were recently published in the journal - Seminars in Ophthalmology.

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