At the 6th annual conference of the Telangana Ophthalmological Society

Dr Mariya Bashir Doctor (Resident)
1. First prize - N Subramanya Reddy Competitive Free Paper session for postgraduate students; title: clinical characteristics of comorbid retinal dystrophies and primary angle closure disease; co-authors: Dr Deepika, Dr Sirisha Senthil, Dr Padmaja Kumari, Dr G Chandrashekhar
2. Second prize - VV Ramana Rao Competitive Case Presentation Session ; title: A rare case of Corneal cloudiness; co-author: Dr Muralidhar Ramappa |
3. Third prize - Manoj Mathur Competitive Poster Session for Oral Presentation; Title: Addressing  ocular surface abnormalities before performing Keratoprosthesis; co-author: Dr Swapna Shanbhag

Dr Vineet P Joshi
1) First prize - P Ramachander Best Paper Session; title: Anterior segment imaging using a simple universal smartphone attachment for patients; co-authors: Ashish Jain, Rathinam Thyagarajan, Pravin V Krishna
2) Second prize - Swaroop Competitive Video Session; title: DMEK with retro-pupillary iris claw fixation - a smart option for concurrent EK procedures; co-authors: Raghava Preetam

Dr Anasua Ganguly Kapoor
Was one of the invited players from the team 'Andhra Almighties' the winning team for this years' Ophthalmic Premier league. She presented a video on 'The tale of the Bloody Orbit' 

Dr Raghav Preetam (Fellow)
1) Second prize - P Ramachander Best Paper Session; title: Intermediate outcomes of therapeutic penetrating keratoplasty for severe microbial keratitis using glycerol preserved donor corneas during the COVID-19 pandemic; co-authors: Aravind Roy, Dhruv Kamra, Ashik Mohamed, Somasheila Murthy, Savitri Sharma, Sunita Chaurasia, Merle Fernandes and Sujata Das

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