Breakthrough in treating Retinal Detachment

Using Fibrin Glue (a biological tissue adhesive), Dr Mudit Tyagi has introduced a novel surgical technique for treating Retinal Detachment (RD). He has used fibrin glue-assisted retinopexy for treating rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (GuARD) instead of oil or gas tamponade after pars plana vitrectomy (PPV). 

Advantages of this technique over the conventional mode of treatment where silicone oil or gas tamponade is used: 

-Faster visual recovery 

- No travel restrictions

- Conventionally, patients had to maintain head down/prone position for almost 2 weeks; this technique obviates the need for postoperative positioning 

- No travel restrictions

- Avoids occurrence of secondary complications like glaucoma, cataract, etc.

- No second surgery is needed to remove the silicone oil or gas tamponade 

The Vitreo-Retinal Society of India has ranked this technique as the ‘Best Innovation of the year 2019’. 

To know more, click:;year=2019;volume=67;issue=5;spage=677;epage=680;aulast=Tyagi

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