For those with a hunger to learn, grow, and make an impact, LVPEI is the place for realizing their dreams.

At the tender age of 12, Radhika had to part ways with her family and make an orphanage her abode due to extreme poverty. She studied hard, completed her high school and then took admission in the Ophthalmic Nursing Assistant (ONA) course at LVPEI and subsequently joined the institute as a practising ONA. Having lived a life of dearth and uncertainty, she became certain that only access to education could uplift her and her family’s living standards. She not only completed her graduation but also supported her siblings’ education. Soon Radhika's hard work and knack for quickly learning new skills paid off, and she was promoted as Operation Theater Coordinator for a cluster of secondary and vision centres. Beaming with pride, she shares, 'One of my two younger siblings has already completed her M.Sc. while the other one is on his way to finishing it. My youngest sister is an MBBS graduate who is now preparing for her Masters'.

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