Glaucoma Awareness Week

Glaucoma, an eye problem associated with increased eye pressure, is called the ‘Silent Thief of Vision’ because the vision once lost to it cannot be restored. 80% of glaucoma-related blindness is preventable if detected and treated in time. Yet almost 7 million people worldwide turn blind due to glaucoma, with 66% of them being women. This is because a whopping 90% of glaucoma cases go undetected, presumably due to a lack of awareness.

The Glaucoma Awareness Week, held between March 10 and 16, 2024, was observed across the LVPEI network to raise awareness about this disease that can affect both adults and children. Activities such as a patient interactive forum, eye screening programs, awareness talks, social media campaigns, and media interviews were organized. This year, the special focus was on Steroid-induced Glaucoma.

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