LVPEI at Hyderabad Literary Festival: Making Science the Everyday Conversation

This year's Hyderabad Literary Festival featured a science stream, 'Science and the City.' LVPEI's team actively engaged in diverse sessions, from dynamic discussions like 'What Makes Us Cry: the Art and Science of Human Tears,' where Dr Prashant Garg, Executive Chair, LVPEI, shared scientific insights, to a thought-provoking conversation on 'Who are Indians,' moderated by Mr Tejah Balantrapu from the LVPEI’s Science, Health Data and Storytelling team. Our STEM Booth, 'The Multiverse of the Eye,' welcomed inquisitive minds, offering a deep dive into the anatomy and diverse aspects of vision sciences through visually appealing models presented by researchers, faculty, and fellows from LVPEI's Prof. Brien Holden Institute of Vision Sciences. A tactile painting workshop by Ms Aishwarya Pillai, a former colleague from the Institute of Vision Rehabilitation, added a creative touch to the event.

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