Spotlight on Hereditary Eye Diseases
A GMR Varalakshmi Campus Awareness Drive

LVPEI's GMR Varalakshmi Campus in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, recently organized an informative Hereditary Eye Diseases (HED) campaign. Given the local prevalence of consanguineous marriages, which heightens the likelihood of hereditary defects, it is crucial to organize such awareness programs talking about the inherent risks of genetic eye conditions. The campaign stressed crucial detection and management techniques. Distinguished guest Dr Akash Kalgara from Vijaya Medical Centre, and Dr Virender Sachdeva, Head of the GMR Varalakshmi Campus, lent their expertise to the cause. Colleagues from other campuses contributed to the discourse through virtual engagement, broadening the pool of knowledge. Mr. Venkatesh stressed the importance of genetic counselling, Dr. Vivek Warkad stressed on the management options for these patients and Dr. subhabrata Chakrabarti highlighted the recent advances in the diagnostic testing. Over 70 people attended the program and learned the importance of early diagnosis and preventive action.

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