3H Doctors - Hands, Heads and Hearts

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As a CARING Institute with relevance and impact, LVPEI is proud to have doctors with the 3H qualities. Those who use their Hands with dexterity, their Heads in defining a patient-centric management plan and deliver the needed care with their Hearts. The message shared by Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist Dr Mohit Sharad Sholapurkar from Nanded  stands testimony to this.

'I had congenital cataract and since two decades have been battling with blurred vision. Dr Muralidhar Ramappa, considering my professional requirements and my inclination towards sports and fitness, offered me the best treatment plan and needless to say, I am extremely satisfied with the clinical outcome. There is no replacement and substitute for compassion, humane touch and affection in a doctor-patient relationship. I consider the relation that I enjoy with Dr Ramappa and LVPEI a true blessing.'

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