A Heart Touching Thank you Letter from a Patient

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It was extremely humbling for Dr Sushank Bhalerao from LVPEI Vijayawada to recently receive a letter from the brother of one of his patients – 59-year-old P Khasimbi. 'I found Dr Bhalerao knowledgeable and considerate, and the staff was also very polite and friendly. Thanks to all of them, my vision has improved a lot. I wish Dr Bhalerao and the staff good health and success,' expresses Khasimbi in that letter. Having lost her left eye vision in childhood, she had managed all her life with her right eye vision. In 2018 she was treated for a corneal infection, but eventually, she developed a corneal scar and cataract. Her vision in her only seeing eye deteriorated further, and she was not even able to carry on with her day-to-day activities. She underwent cataract and corneal transplantation (full-thickness penetrating keratoplasty) surgeries in July 2019. Her vision has now improved radically, and she can carry on with her daily activities independently. And, she is also able to read letters at a distance and near.

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