A Surgeon’s Experience – The Liberia Eye Centre

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Liberia received its first state-of-the-art modern eye care facility in 2017 with the inauguration of the Liberia Eye Centre – a partnership between the Liberian Government and LVPEI. Located at the JKF Memorial Medical Centre in Monrovia in Liberia, the centre offers high-quality comprehensive eye care services.

Dr Fallah Moses J working as a general surgeon at the Medical Centre narrates his personal experience: “My visual problem began in the right eye with the appearance of a little dark spot. It felt like looking through thick plastic. I was diagnosed with cataract, and later glaucoma. As the vision in my left eye was not so bad, I continued working as a surgeon. But knowing that the result of glaucoma is blindness and cataract was already leading its way to visual impairment, I was scared. Even after a couple of surgeries (performed by visiting doctors), several eye drops and injections, my vision continued to worsen.” Eleven years later, when the Liberia Eye Centre started its services, Dr Moses was operated at the centre by an ophthalmologist from LVPEI. “The surgery was very successful, and surprisingly, there was no postoperative pain. The improved sight makes me feel much younger. I am relieved to have finally won the fight to save my vision,” concludes Dr Moses.

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