Abundance of blessings and priceless smiles

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'I am posted at the Bijayananda Patnaik Eye Centre in Keonjhar, Odisha. Recently, I had treated Juhi Patra who had total cataract and advanced pterygium in both her eyes. Despite her growing years, compelled by her grim financial condition, she worked as a labourer in a brick making unit. When her vision worsened, the contractor threatened to sack her. Local doctors told her that she needed specialized care that was available only in cities. When even getting two meals a day was a luxury, travelling all the way to Bhubaneswar was beyond her reach. The Keonjhar centre that was inaugurated a year back has become a ray of light for many patients like Juhi. She would have continued to live a life of darkness and humiliation if not for the treatment she received. I feel extremely proud to be part of Videos such an institute that offers equitable eye care right at the doorstep of the community. The many smiles and the abundance of blessings that I have received by working here are truly priceless.

And then her eyes glittered,
With tears coming out
With hopes rising again,
With blessings showering again
Now she can see!'

Dr Sushil Kumar Kar

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