Advanced treatment facilities available for infants

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7-month old Veenasri would often rub her eyes, resulting in constant watering. The concerned parents took her to the Vision Centre in their village in Ponduru, Srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh. The Vision Technicians Kishore and Nirmala at the centre put their fears at rest and advised them to visit the LVPEI tertiary care centre at Visakhapatnam. Veenasri was treated for her eye infection by Dr Sayali Sane. “The infection was mild, but if not treated in time, it could have led to severe vision implications. It is generally difficult to perform a detailed eye evaluation for such small children as they don't cooperate.But at LVPEI we have advanced anaesthesia services available where even children as young as Veenasri can be examined under general anaesthesia and successfully treated,” says Dr Sane. Veenasri's parents are happy that such quality services are available close to their village at economical prices and they don't have to travel long distances for it.

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