Ambassadors of LVPEI are Far and Wide

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N Krishna Rao had lost the vision in his left eye due to a stick injury during childhood. A daily wage labourer, he lives a hand-to-mouth existence. Foregoing a day's work for him is the equivalent to foregoing a day's meal. And so when he experienced blurred vision in his right eye, he was hesitant to seek medical care. Pradeep Raju, his landlord, had high regard for the services provided by LVPEI as many people in his village had benefited from it. Upon his insistence, Krishna visited the Denkada Vision Centre in Vizianagaram. Diagnosed with cataract, he was advised to undergo surgery at LVPEI's tertiary centre in Visakhapatnam. Initially reluctant, he eventually agreed thanks to the persistent efforts by Pradeep Raju and the centre's Vision Technician. Today the vision in his right eye has significantly improved. Ambassadors like Pradeep Raju need to be lauded for taking up the responsibility of safeguarding the vision of people in their community and thereby supporting LVPEI's crusade against needless blindness.

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