Consultant Radiologist Dr Ajay Reddy shares his experience

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'Thank you for understanding that preterm newborns are more vulnerable in COVID-like situations, and for giving your services to us unconditionally. I wish your team good health and prosperity, and the strength to continue to serve the needy.'

Dr Ajay Reddy P, Consultant Radiologist

Nirmal district, Telangana 

The couple were blessed with preterm twins on 6 June 2020. They wanted to get their babies screened for ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity, an eye condition that can lead to permanent vision loss in premature babies if not diagnosed and treated in time), at the LVPEI’s rural secondary centre, Bhosle Gopal Rao Patil Eye Centre at Mudhole in Nirmal district. Considering the risk of infection and the delicate health of the twins, the Ophthalmologists at the centre visited their home to screen the babies for ROP. All the needed protocols were followed to ensure the utmost safety including the use of personal protective equipment. It was a sigh of relief not only for the worried parents but also for the doctors when the babies displayed no signs of ROP.

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