Don’t let squint become a stigma for your child

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Mayukh Mukherjee, aged 6 years, had a squint. It not only compromised the cosmetic appeal of his face, making him vulnerable to mocking looks from others but also hindered his vision. Due to lack of adequate treatment facilities in Madanpur in West Bengal, his parents brought him to LVPEI’s Bhubaneswar campus. He underwent squint surgeries in both his eyes by Dr Vivek Warkad. “Cured of squint, our son looks so much better now. His performance in his school has also improved,” says his father. “Sometimes parents feel that eye assessment of children till the age of 6-7 years is neither necessary nor possible, but this is just a myth. Children can develop squint at any age and the youngest patient whom we have operated was just 1 year old. Early detection and timely treatment are very important for safeguarding the vision of your child,” concludes Dr Warkad.

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