Elderly eye care - a silver lining on the cloud

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Magical' is how 66-year-old Aakaarapu Padma describes her vision restoration journey, right from the care received at her doorsteps to the advanced care received at the Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad. Two long years of vision loss and eventually, complete vision loss had been her plight. Her son Chiranjeevi, a school-teacher could ill afford her treatment - lockdown making things even more difficult. Around the same time, a team from LVPEI's Silver Sight - Eye Care for the Elderly program providing home-based eye care visited her and performed the initial examination. She was then referred to the nearest secondary centre for cataract removal surgeries. Her case was a little complicated, and post the surgeries, she also developed retinal detachment for which, she received the needed advanced treatment at the Hyderabad campus. 'Silver Sight Initiative turned out to be a silver lining on the dark cloud for our family. “If not for LVPEI, she would have remained blind,” says Chiranjeevi.

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