Happiness is when our patients consider us as their family

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It was like any routine day for 62-year old Akkala Narsa Reddy who was a driver by profession. He went to work, came back home, ate and slept. Little did he know that by the time he would wake up, his right eye vision would have gone. This was followed by a paralytic stroke triggered by high blood pressure. Even though he recovered, lack of proper medical care left him with no vision in his right eye and he had to give up driving. Back to the present, nine years from then, when he recently experienced blurred vision in his left eye, he immediately visited the LVPEI's Vision Centre in Karlapalam village in Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh. Diagnosed with cataract, he was referred for surgery to the Secondary Centre at Gudavalli. Though apprehensive at the beginning, the compassion and the confidence shown by the doctor and team, won his trust. He considers LVPEI as his family now and is happy to get back his vision in his only seeing eye.

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