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'My son Harthik Venkata Sai, met with an unfortunate road accident in 2007 that badly affected the movement of his right eyeball, and also caused him severe facial injuries. He was just one year old at that time. We consulted Dr Virender Sachdeva for his treatment. Continued follow-up care and a minor rectus muscle surgery performed in his right eye improved both his vision and the cosmetic appeal of his face. Harthik is 15 years old today and is doing perfectly fine. We continue to come to LVPEI Visakhapatnam for follow-ups. Thanks to the friendly doctors and staff, eco-friendly ambience and coordinated teamwork, we always have a good experience. Dr Sachdeva is an incredibly caring doctor. Not only has he taken great care of my son's health, but he is also a wonderful person - just like a family member.'

Rambabu Kotari

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