Her smile says it all

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Twenty-five year Binodini Ekka hails from a small village in Sundargarh district in western Odisha. A couple of years ago, she suddenly lost vision in both her eyes and had been in that state for more than a year when she first visited LVPEI's Rajgangpur secondary centre in Odisha. Binodini was diagnosed with ocular tuberculosis in both her eyes. After six months of anti-TB therapy, corticosteroids (to lower the eye inflammation) and a right eye cataract surgery, she is a different person today. Her vision has improved significantly. Most of her eye care was delivered at the Rajgangpur centre, as she did not have the means to travel to the tertiary centre in Bhubaneswar every time. Binodini recently visited the Rajgangpur centre for a follow-up and was examined by Dr Soumyava Basu, her treating doctor. 'It has been such a humbling experience to witness this transformation in her, from being so lost and disoriented during her first visit to being so confident and cheerful now,' concludes Dr Basu.

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