I Am Doing Super

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“Cheemala Anil Kumar, 20-year-old, lost vision in both his eyes due to advanced glaucoma in a short span of 6 months. A passionate photographer, unable to pursue his passion and support his family, he was engulfed with depression. I would often counsel him and later advised him to consult our rehabilitation services. When a few days back, he came to visit me, I inquired about his wellbeing, and promptly came his reply, ‘I am doing super’. There was a smile on his face and a sense of achievement in his eyes. Happy, I asked him what brought about this change. Mr Suri Babu and Kalyani from our rehabilitation team had helped him develop a positive outlook towards life. Anil is learning mobility skills and the use of low vision software. He is confident that soon he will be able to secure a decent job. Mr Suri Babu, who himself is blind, has become his inspiration. Witnessing this transformation has been one of the happiest moments in my career. Kudos to our rehabilitation team for bringing such positive change in the lives of our patients.”

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