Let Others See The World As You Did

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We are forever thankful to our cornea donor families who play an integral part in our mission to eradicate needless corneal blindness. It was extremely heart-touching for us to receive this testimonial from Ms Rukshana Horwood: 'My mother was my best friend and the wind beneath my wings. She was my father's soulmate, and they were together for 57 years. She always wanted to donate her eyes so that someone else can benefit from them. The LVPEI team respectfully visited our house on the day of her death to collect the corneas of both her eyes. It is indeed gratifying to know that a part of my mother is still alive and helping others. The wonderfully worded thank you letter that we received was very comforting during this difficult time of my life. The amazing work you are all doing is making a great difference in so many lives.'

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