Liberia Eye Center receives its first Universal Anesthesia Machine

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Availability of safe anesthesia equipment is a significant healthcare challenge in Liberia. So, it was a momentous feat when the Liberia Eye Center finally received its own Universal Anesthesia Machine, thanks to years of relentless efforts and the funding received from Latter-day Saint Charities. This is a unique anesthesia machine designed for a low‐resource setting. It has rechargeable batteries that last up to 6-8 hours; highly beneficial in times of power-cut. And, its in-built oxygen concentrator can extract oxygen from atmospheric air, hence obviating the need for a medical oxygen cylinder. With this machine, the Liberia Eye Center has become the only facility in the region providing need-based assessment and surgery under general anesthesia by trained ophthalmologists. Gloria, aged 3, and Wilsonline, aged 5, are the first two beneficiaries of this newly launched service that will benefit many more children and adults in the coming years. 'It is a delight to watch Gloria and Wilsonline giggle and play,' says their treating doctor, Dr Gurcharan Singh.

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