Liberia Eye Centre: Bringing smiles, changing lives

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Despite sitting on the first bench, Maron Davis, 14 years, was unable to copy notes from the blackboard in school. Her mother believed that she needed some special drops to improve her vision. Jacob Jarboi, 20 years, had to discontinue studies because of vision problem. Even though he was advised to wear glasses, he refused, thinking that will worsen his problem. Linda Nador, 11 years, had dropped out of school because she was unable to see clearly.  But today, things are different. A simple pair of glasses has made all the difference. Linda is back to school, Maron faces no difficulty in copying notes and Jacob is now finally convinced that using glasses will only improve his vision. There are many more like them whose lives have been positively impacted through the services provided at the Liberia Eye Centre located at the John F Kennedy Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia in West Africa. Inaugurated in 2017 and managed by LVPEI, the centre provides specialized eye care services and runs many community outreach programs. For long term sustainability, the focus also is on training eye care professionals across all cadres - doctors, vision technicians, nurses, etc. The dedicated efforts of the team, a majority of whom are Liberians, are making quality eye care accessible and affordable for the people in this country and its neighbouring regions.

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