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17-year old Chandan Naik, hailing from a farming family in Keonjhar, Odisha, was born with Hallermann-Streiff syndrome, a rare congenital condition characterized by abnormalities of the skull, facial bones and other body parts. His aggressive behaviour made it even more difficult for his parents to handle him. Completely dependent on his mother, his childhood was spent restricted to the four walls of the house. Little did they know that his limited mobility was because of his limited vision. A few months back his father noticed an opaque layer in both his eyes (with time this layer had become more prominent) and took him to the secondary centre at Keonjhar where he was diagnosed with congenital cataract. Considering the complexity of the case, he was referred to Bhubaneswar campus. Despite the many challenges, the competent paediatric team led by Dr Vivek Warkad and assisted by Dr Debasmita Majhi was able to treat the cataract. It is heartening to see Chandan running around and exploring things on his own now. Needless to say, his father is extremely happy with this positive development.

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