Not just surgery but a lifetime bond with the family

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'When my daughter was just four months old, she was diagnosed with unilateral congenital cataract at Costa Rica, where we stay. Fighting the denial and the negative loop of thoughts, we set ourselves into action. On the recommendation of our practitioner, we flew to LVPEI in India. Our little one was operated on the 25th of December by Dr Muralidhar Ramappa who is a godsent for us. The operation involved the removal of the lens and implanting an IOL. During the whole process of multiple checkups, surgery and the follow-ups, we were highly overwhelmed by the professionalism of the staff. Starting from the appointment to the final EUA (Examination under anaesthesia) for removal of stitches, everything was very well structured. All our concerns and our questions as extremely anxious, first-time parents were duly addressed by the doctor and the staff. We were kept well informed through email, SMS and phone calls on what to expect and the precautions and steps to follow pre and post each procedure. Last but not the least, the entire treatment was very economical. As Dr Muralidhar had mentioned in one of the conversations, this is not just surgery but a lifetime relationship between the baby, the parents and the doctor!'

Parents of Baby Radhika Sodhani

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