Our nine-year old Secret Santa

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Our 'Secret Santa' this Christmas was a nine-year-old young boy - Bharadwaj Koppishetti. He has so beautifully taught us all that the real celebration is in the ‘joy of giving and sharing’. When he was in his Upper Kindergarten, he complained of blurred vision and difficulty in copying notes from the black board. He was brought to LVPEI for a check-up and was advised to wear spectacles. No longer troubled by his vision, he once again became a happy and confident child. But even at such a young age, he would often wonder about the fate of other children who had a similar problem but were unable to receive timely treatment. So recently, when his parents asked him how he would like to celebrate his birthday, he promptly replied, 'I don’t want to have any party. Instead, please donate the money to LVPEI for organizing a school eye screening program in a village.' Bharadwaj's kind gesture is laudable indeed and we wish that he continues to spread joy and happiness wherever he goes.

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