Ray of Hope - Ray of Vision

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A 26-year-old lady from a remote village near the border between Liberia and Sierra Leone experienced sudden vision loss in both her eyes. She started using home remedies - instilling plant juices in her eyes using a cone made of a leaf. This made her vision worse and she was even unable to move around on her own. One of the leaders in her village who had heard about the JFK Medical Centre, looking at her plight, brought her to the LVPEI-Liberia Eye Centre at Monrovia. She was diagnosed with a rare parasite-related inflammation in both the eyes - Toxocara-induced uveitis. Without further delays, she was put on the needed medication plan. Timely diagnosis and treatment helped in subsiding the inflammation and restoring her vision. When she visited for her follow-up, it was heartening to see her walking all by herself. The LVPEI-Liberia Eye Centre is impacting the lives of many like her from underserved communities who otherwise would have continued to struggle with vision loss with no hope to regain their sight.

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