Rekindled hope, brighter future

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'A meeting by chance with the vision rehabilitation field assistant, Saddam, has been a stroke of good fortune for us,' believes Laxmi Durga. Virender, her son, was diagnosed with developmental delays by a local doctor in their village in Kapileswarapuram, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. Probably his parents’ consanguineous marriage was the reason for it. Physiotherapy treatment was suggested for Virender. Being a gardener, his father could ill afford this treatment and Laxmi would often spend sleepless nights crying and worrying about her son. Saddam happened to meet the family at a bus stop. When he noticed the young parents struggling with their son, he immediately approached them. On his advice, they visited LVPEI's secondary centre there. Extensive physiotherapy treatment and vision rehabilitative therapy are being provided to Virender at no cost to his parents. In just 8 months, there is a remarkable difference. Virender has started making eye contact, and can sit and hold objects which he was not able to do earlier. With rekindled hope for a better future for their son, his parents are confident that with the right training and care, he will be able to achieve his true potential.

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