So that all may see

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'I was on night emergency duty when a 45-year old gentleman came to us with a complaint of sudden vision loss. He had no pain and had not suffered any eye injury, but was diabetic. He also had hypertension and high cholesterol. A detailed examination confirmed my suspicion of a blockage in his central retinal artery (This disease is called Central Retinal Artery Occlusion – CRAO and is seen in 1 to 2 people in 100,000).  I started the eye massage immediately and at the same time called the retina on-call in charge for help and the needed medication was given to the patient. In such cases, if necessary measures are not taken within four hours of the onset of symptoms, it can permanently hamper the vision. Next day, when he visited us for a follow-up, his vision had improved and he was able to read. It gave me immense satisfaction and joy to know that with the timely and appropriate treatment we could save his vision. So true to our value, so that all may see!'
Dr Tanvi Madia (Fellow)
LVPEI, Hyderabad

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