Though not able to speak, her eyes could express her happiness

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Despite being deaf and dumb by birth, 40-years old Nagarathnamma Avala, was able to beautifully manage her family, thanks to her good vision. But her world came crashing down when a couple of years back she started losing her vision. Her husband who is the sole bread earner for the family was extremely concerned. While at work, he would often worry about how she would be managing the children at home. Due to their limited financial resources, they were not able to seek medical care. During a community screening program in their village Pichigundlapalle in Chittoor district in AP, Shiva working as Field Assistant at LVPEI identified her and counselled her to visit the institute’s secondary centre in Madanapalle. Considering that the centre was near to their village and also that they would be treated at no cost to them, they agreed. She was operated for cataract in both eyes and corneal scarring the left eye. Even though she could not utter a word, her eyes were enough to express her gratitude and happiness. Assured that her wife will once again be able to take care of herself and the family, he happily goes to work now. 

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