Treating the 'Bike-Ambulance-Dada'

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Padmashri awardee Shri Karimul Haque, popularly known as the 'Bike-Ambulance-Dada', has helped several thousand people in and around his village in Dhalabari in West Bengal to seek timely medical care by ferrying them to the hospital on his bike. He is currently suffering from an eye illness, the treatment for which he was finding difficult to afford. So when he sought our services at LVPEI, we were more than happy to extend our care. 'He has an idiopathic choroidal neovascular membrane. This is a form of an abnormal proliferation of blood vessels in his retina leading to bleeding and severe swelling in the retina of his eye. Appropriate injections have been prescribed, which may have to be repeated at a monthly interval based on further follow-up. We are hopeful that his vision will improve significantly, ' said Dr Vivek Dave, his treating doctor at LVPEI. It was heart-warming for us to hear Mr Haque say, 'You don't need just money to help someone; you can do that in many other ways. I feel delighted to know that LVPEI provides more than 50% of its services to people in need at no cost to them irrespective of the complexity of treatment.'

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