Treatment done over phone

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Chipurupalli Demudu Naidu from Vizianagaram district in Andhra Pradesh developed conjunctivitis in his left eye. He consulted a doctor nearby, but the severe pain and redness continued. When he called up the LVPEI Vision Centre in his town, the vision technician, Ramya, requested him to send pictures of the infected eyes. These were shared with an Ophthalmologist over WhatsApp, and from there on his treatment was done over the phone. Eventually, the infection subsided. “I am grateful for receiving such expert care without my leaving home, or incurring any cost or even travel expenditure,” says Naidu. Since April 2020, over 4,470 patients have received teleconsultation care for their various eye problems through the LVPEI Primary Eye Care network of Vision Centres. This includes, 270 plus patients who were provided care during the lockdown period (April to first week of May 2020) at no cost to them.

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