True Teamwork

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11-year-old Vivek sustained a head injury with a water tap while bathing. It looked like a minor injury but eventually led to swelling in his head and eyes, compromising his vision. What followed then was a sheer nightmare for the family. He had a rare congenital disorder, afibrinogenemia, in which the body lacks the protein essential for clotting blood. Any minor cut would lead to severe bleeding. To restore his vision, a corneal transplant surgery needed to be performed. Given his delicate health condition, the surgery could be performed only by transfusing a large amount of cryoprecipitate, a type of blood component that facilitates clotting. It was a complex case, but true teamwork and the collective resilience of all – Vivek and his family, the cornea specialists, the internal medicine team, the team of nurses, the support staff, the employees who donated blood, and the cornea donor family – made this surgery possible! Today Vivek is doing very well. Watch the complete story here.

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