Well-connected Model of Comprehensive Eye Care

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Sindhu is a Vision Technician at LVPEI’s Vision Centre in Kondurg village, Ranga Reddy district, Telangana. When six-year-old Ananya sustained a severe eye injury caused by a stick, the worried parents brought her to the Kondurg vision centre. They were terrified about her condition, the lifelong impact of the injury on her vision, and the expense they will have to incur. But when they met Sindhu who ensured them that the best of treatment will be provided to Ananya at no cost to the family, their fears started to fade. After an urgent teleconsultation with the ophthalmologist, the needed emergency care was provided to Ananya. She was then referred to the closest secondary centre - Natco Eye Centre - where she was diagnosed with a corneal tear. She eventually underwent a corneal tear repair surgery at LVPEI's Centre of Excellence in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, and was prescribed patching therapy and spectacles. Sindhu visits Ananya’s home regularly for providing follow-up care, and her vision is getting better with each passing day. The story is a beautiful example of how LVPEI’s well-connected model of comprehensive eye care delivery comprising primary, secondary and tertiary, and including home care services, is seamlessly functioning to make quality eye care services accessible and affordable for those in rural areas.

Ananya was provided free treatment as part of the project - Reaching out with innovative services for eye care - supported by the ‘SEVA Foundation’ and donor organization ‘Soor aur Saptak’.

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