With such committed supporters, sky is the limit!

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'Recently when Dr Subhadra Jalali and I visited London we happened to meet Ms Mavis Hyman. Her warmth, zest towards life and her family’s commitment towards providing quality eye care services to children in India is indeed heartening.

3rd July 2008, is a day that brought a positive change in the pediatric ophthalmic facilities in the city of Bhubaneswar.  The Hyman family and friends in the memory of their daughter Miriam Hyman who lost her life in the 7/7 London bombings, extended support to establish a dedicated eye care centre for children at LVPEI Bhubaneswar. Ms Hyman was extremely happy and satisfied to know that the centre is not only positively impacting the lives of many children in the city, but also in entire eastern India. She pledged her commitment for continuous support, especially the retinopathy of prematurity program, which is working towards preventing blindness in preterm babies. Meeting her was a very humbling experience for both us. It just reinforces our belief that with such committed and passionate supporter by our side, there is so much more we can do and truly ‘Sky is the limit’.'

Tapas Rajan Padhi , Pediatric Ophthalmologist, LVPEI Bhubaneswar


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