“Alone we can do so little;
Together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller - Author, Political Activist and Academician

Overseas Donors

L V Prasad Eye Institute

Overseas Donors

Overseas contributions are being routed through our partners

In the United States of America

Indo-American Eye Care Society
Dr Y M Mruthyunjaya
44, Montreal Place Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: +1 585-244-8288
Email: indoam.lvpei@gmail.com

In Australia

May be made in favour of
Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation
Donations to L V Prasad Eye Institute
Reply Paid 6396
Phone: 1300 664 233 Fax: 02 9385 7436
Email: icee@icee.org

In the UK

In United Kingdom
Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust 
P O Box 63256
London N2 2AA , UK
Email: info@miriam-hyman.com
Website: www.miriam-hyman.com
Registered Charity No. 1124032

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